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                      Pregnancy: Get up early to eat Mei can relieve morning sickness

                      Date : 2018-8-13   Click : 1440

                      The early pregnancy reaction is a natural reaction of pregnant women after pregnancy. The most obvious pregnancy is vomiting. Pregnant women with high response need to receive meaningful treatment to protect the health of the fetus. The general morning sickness reaction occurs in the first trimester and has recovered at 4 months of pregnancy. Pregnant women can not easily choose food relief, such as plum or biscuits, all have good "consequences."

                      Can pregnant women eat plum?

                      Pregnant women can eat plum during pregnancy, but must be appropriate. Because mothers are always boring in the first few months of pregnancy, and they are disgusting, they love to eat plum, so it is very beneficial to eat to relieve the stomach, but also reminded that you can’t eat. So as not to cause excessive stomach acid, there will be discomfort such as vomiting, and the right amount of food will be good, especially when many mothers want to eat acid is good.

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