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                      How to choose preserved fruit preserves?

                      Date : 2018-8-13   Click : 1419

                      How to choose preserved fruit preserves?

                      1. First, we must look at the various characteristics of the product. The characteristics include the organization and shape of the product. The organization indicates the intrinsic quality of the product, usually including the delicateness of the meat; the uniform distribution of sugar distribution; the fullness of the particles. The form indicates the appearance of the product, which usually includes: whether the shape, size, length, and thickness are basically the same;

                      2. Whether the icing on the surface of the product is even, whether there are any wrinkles, ruptures and other surface defects;

                      3. Whether the surface of the particles is dry and wet. The second is to look at the taste and impurities of the product. The taste and smell indicate the flavor quality (including taste and aroma) of the product. All kinds of products should have their own unique flavor and no odor. Impurities means that all kinds of products are not allowed to have foreign impurities, such as sand, hair and so on.

                      4. The outer packaging of the candied product must meet the requirements of GB7718 “General Standard for Food Labeling”. Whether it is a small package in a bag, a box, a bottle or a canned package in bulk, it must be marked: food name, ingredient list, net content, The name and address of the manufacturer or distributor, date of manufacture, shelf life or / shelf life, product standard number.

                      Industry and Commerce Bureau Tip: When picking candied fruit, you should “smell the smell and discern the appearance”. After opening the package, the product should have no peculiar smell, and have its unique flavor (including taste and aroma), no foreign impurities, such as sand and hair. Do not buy products that are poorly packaged and have a particularly bright color. In addition, causal sputum usually has a high sugar content, which can be as high as 70%. For people with diabetes, it is best to choose low-sweet candied fruit products that use functional sweeteners instead of sucrose. Children should eat in moderation.

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