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                      Food additives are not that terrible

                      Date : 2018-8-13   Click : 1423

                      For a long time, China's science work in food and food additives has lagged far behind development. Many people lack basic knowledge about what food additives and what they do, and some even have prejudice and misunderstanding. Toxic, "harmful", "fake", "chemical carcinogens" are intertwined, and there have been arguments and articles about "away from food additives." Therefore, scientifically popularize the knowledge of food additives and human health, so that consumers can enjoy modern food and physical fitness rationally, which is conducive to promoting the healthy development of the food industry. Preservatives and antioxidant preservatives to prevent food spoilage are the most familiar and concerned people, and in some people's minds, the image is not good. In recent years, some food labels in China have even appeared “preservative-free”. This is the result of knowing that there is a lack of science.

                      Food processing has a sterilization process, but it does not mean that the food is sterile, because the food can be contaminated by microorganisms during processing and storage. We must be clear about food additives and human health. Most of the processed foods of Yang Guanfeng are bacteria-bearing, but the amount of bacteria is not in contact with the total number of bacteria. Even if it is a sterile food at the time of production, it will be contaminated after opening the package. Because the air is bacteria. The microorganisms present in the food are the source of pollution, and the nutrients of the food are also the nutrients required by the microorganisms. Once there is an opportunity, the microorganisms will rapidly multiply at a geometric rate. Food without preservatives is not guaranteed. Deteriorating foods are often more harmful to the human body than some imaginary preservatives.

                      Preservatives can delay the deterioration of foods in a simple, effective and economic manner, and increase the shelf life of foods. On the one hand, it protects food resources and social wealth from loss. On the other hand, it can ensure that foods are circulated in the market like other commodities, without microbial contamination. It is harmful to human health, so that we can enjoy a variety of delicious food. Under daily storage conditions, the oil is easily oxidized, ie rancid. In addition to the unpleasant taste, the rancid oils are also harmful to the human body. Therefore, adding antioxidants can prevent oxidative deterioration of oils and humans. The role of antioxidants in food processing is to suppress the oxidative deterioration of fats, fat-soluble components, spices, etc. in foods, and to extend the shelf life of foods.

                      A variety of antioxidants that block the chain reaction of free radicals, which can prevent the formation of harmful substances such as nitrosamines. On the other hand, when the amount of free radicals produced by normal cellular metabolism exceeds the limits of protection and human tolerance, it causes disturbances in cell metabolism, resulting in a variety of diseases, aging and carcinogenesis, and such antioxidants can eliminate freedom in the body. The harm to the human body.

                      Use food additives according to the standard according to the law, does not endanger human health. Whether food additives such as preservatives, antioxidants, synthetic pigments, flavors, etc. are toxic and harmful in food, whether it is safe for long-term consumption, whether it is natural or synthetic chemicals, it has certain effects. There is a corresponding dose relationship that only works when a certain dose is reached. It is unscientific to point out that the toxicity of a chemical substance does not indicate a problem. It is necessary to indicate the dose at which the dose used or present is effective for the human body. It is unscientific to leave the amount to talk about toxicity and safety. Toxic is a substance that interferes with and destroys the dynamic balance of an organism at a lower dose, leading to death.

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