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                      How do you make brown sugar plums yourself?

                      Date : 2018-8-13   Click : 1419

                      Do it yourself to make brown sugar plum:

                      1. Pour white sugar, leeches and water into small non-stick pans one by one, mix well with high-temperature silicone scraper, and then boil the syrup after the small fire is boiled.

                      2, the syrup should be boiled to 152 degrees, the temperature can be measured with a thermometer, if there is no thermometer, when the last thick to thick, you can also scoop a few drops of syrup into a bowl of cold water to test, if the syrup drops into the water can quickly coagulate Hard, it proves that the mold can be poured out, and if it is dripped into the water, it is still soft, it proves that the syrup has not been in place yet, and it is necessary to continue to control it.

                      3, syrup to 152 degrees, basically can be, and then cooled for a while and then poured into the mold, too early to find a lot of bubbles, not crystal clear.

                      4, here I am making five brown sugar, five sugar, then the plum, so first pour 5 into the mold, put a plum in each mold in the middle, the remaining syrup continue to add 10g black molasses, then re-release The same method of detecting temperature is used for a few minutes on a gas stove.

                      5. Pour the brown sugar syrup into the remaining 5 red lip molds one by one, and put the plum in the middle.

                      6. After the cooling is hardened, the syrup is in place and it is hardened very quickly.

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